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Cleaning Records

This is how I do it, other people may have different ideas.

Firstly I get a flat, hard surface, this can be a table, workbench, etc. Then I place a piece of thick card (bigger than the a 12" LP) on the flat surface, this is to iron out any bumps in the table. Over that bit of card I place a lint free cloth. That is really to protect the record further. The I place a record on the cloth, and get my record brush, soak in a solution of 1 part Isopropyl Alcohol to 10 parts distilled water. I find this works better if you get a spray bottle, as you can also spray the record as well. Missing the label

After the brush is fully wet, start to scrub the record, I always thought you had to be gentile with them, but talking to people, most said you have to scrub quite hard to get all of the dirt and gunk out of the grove.

Once I have done that, I get a lint free cloth, and wipe most of the cleaning solution up. Then I get another, dry Record Brush, and wipe this round. When that is done I dry the record by using another lint free cloth. Turn the record over and do the same on the other side.

Well does it work?? Yes I think it does, I tried it out on my 7" copy of Alice Copper's Schools Out, which had quite a few pops and clicks, when being played. After cleaning it, yes there was the odd pop and click, but I think it made a big improvement on what it sounded like, before it was cleaned.

A word of warning, Do not use Isopropyl Alcohol on 78's. I take no responsibility for records if they get damaged, if you clean a record using my way of doing it. Test it out on a cheap, easily replaceable record first. Then if you are happy with the out come, use this method. I find it works quite well, and £300 cheaper than buying a Nitty Gritty cleaning Machine.

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