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My Collection Of Music

My music is all logged in to an Access db, and outputted to html, sorted by artist

The collection can be seen below.

This is the 'Hard' Music (CD, Vinyl, Tape etc) List Click Here for the My Collection In HTML Now you may notice duplicates of some artist & Album, this is because I have different versions and/or format of the same album :-) (Updated 02/02/2007)

This is the 'soft' Music (MP3) list. Click here for the mp3 Database Back in txt format (As winamp HTML didn't have all mp3s listed which is currently 10263 tracks), listed alphabetically by artist name. (Warning this file is large 350Kbs, Updated 02/02/2007)

Please Note:- These are my personal recordings, mp3 are from my CD collection, iTunes & Napster. Please do not ask me to send you any mp3 you see. Please buy it your self either on CD, Tape, Record, or download it using Napster - See below for details:-)

Download Shed-Loads of tracks on Napster

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