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As Promised, yes it's been a while, and a long time in coming, but here are the first photo's of my valves amp, and Hi-Fi:-)

The Main valve amp I built

This is the main Hi-Fi Valve amp.

Rega record player

My record player - Rega Planer3

The Hi-Fi, new as of 24/02/2005

More Hi FI Gen hifi opld Agan

Turntables Tape Decks Tape Decks decks decks X360

I have two Turntables, the Rega, and the old BSR PC128R Pro, that plays the 78's. Also plays 16, 33, 45 records that are a bit too crusty to put on the Rega:-)

Work Bench

Where stuff gets fixed, here on the bench is the old Akai X360D open reel tape deck, having a 36 year service, need the capsten motor looking at, as it does not spin at the correct speed, and the bodged repairs done some years ago, but someone unknown.


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