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Valve Manufactures

Svetlana High Performance, original spec. Valves

Eimac Web site for Eimac, the manufactures of high powered transmitting valves


Valve related supplies

Antique Electronic Supply Based in the USA, this has online ordering, massive stock of tubes (NOS, Used, and New.) and any thing electronic to do with tubes (e.g. Capacitors, valve sockets etc). Well worth a visit. I have ordered a lot of stuff from here and it is very good quality and fast delivery:-)

APEXJR Web site which sells surplus and ex-equipment stock, good site worth a visit for cheap components. You may even find that rear transformer or tube!!

Valve & Tube Supplies Home Page Based in the UK, they have a big supply of NOS, Used, and New Valves for sale.

Sowter Transformers est. 1941, this is where my transformers come from, very good quality, hand made to order. Based in the UK

Hammond Transformers Another good maker of valve transformers, this one based in Canada

Web Pages Related to vinyl and Audio Equipment

Micks Audio World Yes he's back, after a long time off the web. The world wide acclaimed audio web site (Well that's what I say anyway)

Discurio Your source for all types of Choire, and Military music

US Recording Media Supplies of tape, and cool stuff like that.

Tape Recorder Tape Recorder Welcome to our website dedicated to the great Revox tape recorders. Revox sadly ceased production of reel to reel tape recorders several years ago, but we always have a good selection of used Revox machines with warranty for sale.

Vinyl Connections Vintage Audio Sales English Hi-Fi  -  SME  -  Garrard  -  Leak  -  Quad - Vintage Turntables/Record Players - Valve Amplifiers Classic Hi-Fi Components - Vintage Recording Equipment

Audio-T My Local (Enfield branch!) High End audio shop.

Tube Electronics - LONDON Web site for hand made valve amps - based in London UK

Electronics List   A site with a list of all electronic / Hi-Fi related sites

Valve Amp Web Site A web site dedicated to valve amps. Lots of photos, and info.

Hi-Fi Heaven Every thing you need to Know about Hi-Fi.

SAS Audio Labs American Site relating to valves, and sales.

What Hi-fi Mag The What hi-fi Web Site Good for information/reviews on latest hi-fi products.

hi-fi Choice UK This Is The hi-fi Choice UK Mag web site, again good for reviews and information

Tannoy Loudspeakers Web site

Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor (800) 229-0644 US Web Site, worth visiting, as there is a lot of stuff, for vinyl lovers (Cleaning etc)

Chord Company This is a British maker of Interconnects and Speaker cable

QED Cables This is who my speaker cable is made by.

PC Related

Special Reserve The computer discount network, I buy a lot of gear from them...

PC World Yeah I don't like them that much, but they do come in handy sometimes, when you need a part quick on a Sunday

UK SHOUTcast These people provide the bandwidth for WWMR

Charlie Davy M0PZT. Charlie's site all things broadcast like, Computers, and amateur radio as well

On Line Idiot Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes & virus hysteria from A to Z.

Just Linux Does what it says on the tin!!!

DEJAVU The web as we remember it:-)

Main Page QDI Motherboard Home Page

AMD The chip maker

INTEL The chip maker

Microsoft Love or hate them, find them here

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash come from them, lots more good stuff on there site. This web site was built with Dreamweaver and Fireworks MX 2004

IOMEGA The back up people. They make zip drives, tape drives, Networked backup servers, lots of cool stuff to keep your files safe

Club 977 The 80's channel

RadioMax Another online radio stream, various music here

Winamp The best media player in my opinion, lots of plug-ins etc

Valve and Personal Web Pages Related to High End Audio and a few others I think you may find very interesting!

MachMat's analogica Excellent site, full of links and diagrams

THE VINTAGE VALVE TECHNOLOGY FAIR The Title says it all really

kiewa Valley: audio Web Page, with lots of Info about old valve equipment

Mike's Electric Stuff Web site dedicated to the TESLA coil and has some wicked photos of things getting zapped with very high voltage electricity. Cool site if you like to see things blown up!!!!

Vintage Radio Emporium Web site dedicated to vintage radios, every thing you need, information, books. Has a sales and wanted sections

Image lost, contact the web master:-)

Andrew's Music World

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