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Since the early days, I have always built my PC's, the reason is it was cheaper, but, now I find it better to get the spec I want buy building myself, also I want to know which products are used, as I like certain MB makers with certain chip sets from who ever, chip makers, etc

I use my PC's to the max, with quite heavy loads at times, so need hi-spec machines. The main PC. is in my bed room, and runs mail client, etc, I do all my operating from here.

I also have four servers in the loft, running stuff such as CCTV image storage, Mp3 Storage, file server, shoutcast, SETI, eQSO, Echolink, IRLP. Two machines run Win2k, the other two Run Fedora Core3 Linux & Mandrake Linux.

Another PC, located elsewhere with Win2K, is loaded with i-Cather Sentry, and has two webcams connected to it, forming part of my networked CCTV system.

Internet access is via my ISP, DEMON Internet, I have been with them for, must be about 8 years, and found them very good for my needs. The connection at the current time (end 2005) is 2048Kbs (2meg) ADSL, which is run in to my network via a NAT router, from NETGEAR, the DG834.

All switches in my network are Netgear, as are the WAPS (Wireless Access Points). The wap are run in bridge mode, and use MAC address authentication, and 128bit encryption. The backbone network runs at 200mb/s (100mb/s Full duplex), with all servers and PCs connected at 100mb/s. The wifi connection is 54mb/s, which is pleanty for what I use it for.

However I think I need an STM-1 connection pipe to the ISP!!!


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