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11 . 09 . 2018

About this web site

Me and a Green Land Rover:-)

Dan Allen

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Hello and welcome,

At the time of writing I'm a 25 year old living in a place called Enfield, which is in the North of London, the capital city of Great Britain. My name is Daniel Allen, most people know me as Dan or Danny. My interests are on this web site, which I started in early 1999, to teach my self HTML coding, which was a bit of fun at the time, as time went by the site grew, and got a bit hard to maintain - due to the fact that I seem to lose some interest, what with work taking up most of my time. That's me in the photo, doing one of my past times, Off road driving:-)

I used Front page for the first 5 years, but now with this update, I have changed over to using Dreamweaver MX 2004, as it seems to write proper code. Although I did this page in notepad, because we were having a new carpet fitted, and I got chucked out of the 'coms' I started rewriting this page from the PC downstairs.

Work and other Stuff

I used to work for a company called Nortel Networks, and was a transmission engineer, building fibre networks across England. The area (local??) I covered was from Leeds to the Isles of White, and from Norfolk to Bristol.....rather a large local area:-) However in March 2002 I got made Redundant, along with 1000's of other engineers, office stuff, etc, and it wasn't just Nortel getting ride of people, most of the big customers of Nortel were doing the same, lucky though it was only 3 months before I got a job with a company called Etrali, part of France Telecom. They dealt with dealer boards, basically I spent time as a service engineer, having to fix broken voice lines, and broken dealer boards.

Again this company got hit by 'cost cutting' and our small team of 10 engineers had to be reduced by 3 or 4, and guess what they picked the engineers who had started last, so off me and 2 others went. I got fed up with telecom's at that time, so joined a company called ARRIVA, yes that's correct the bus company....In Oct 2005 I moved over to the CCTV dept of ARRIVA, responsible for the recovering of CCTV data from our fleet of buses, so I'm now back in an engineering type role, but the best thing is I can still drive a bus every so often if I want to, might do that on one or two Bank Holidays if I'm not doing much.

Have fun

Dan Allen Oct 2005


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